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European Standard Brass Lock Cylinder---Double Opening

European standard mortise door lock double open cylinder is a product based on the European BS EN-1303:2015 product execution standard. The main material used is brass. The main feature of the double open lock cylinder is that it can be used to open and close the door lock with a key at both ends.
    This lock cylinder is better suited for use in household doors.
    To meet the needs of different door thicknesses and installation, the factory provides various sizes of double door lock cylinders, including equally divided lock cylinders such as 60mm (30+30), partially divided lock cylinders such as 70mm (30+40), and special requirements such as 62mm (31+31,30+32).
    According to different customer requirements, we can provide lock cylinders of different materials, such as pure brass lock cylinders, aluminum shell copper cores, zinc shell copper cores, and three types of lock cylinders.
    There are more than 30 types of keyholes available and support customized special specifications of lock cylinders,
    Surface Color: polished copper (PB) brushed copper (BB) brushed nickel (NB) bright nickel plating (NP) dark nickel bright chrome (CP) matte black (MB) electrophoresis black / MB sand nickel (SN) sand chrome MC sand nickel (NS) rose gold (RG) electroplated black nickel, gray NB bronze (AB) red bronze (AC) imitation gold (GP) (AC) Imitation Gold (GP), etc.
    Specifications range 30-150mm

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Jiangsu Elite Lock Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Elite Lock Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of copper lock cylinders for European Standard Brass Lock Cylinder---Double Opening. The factory has more than 20 years of production experience. The product has obtained the EU CE certification and passed the EN 1303:2015 test. At present, the products are mainly supplied to Yale Company and ASSA ABLOY Company.
The main products are more than 100 kinds of mortise door lock bodies of various specifications, dozens of special door locks, dozens of various lock cylinders, various stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and zinc alloy handles, which are widely used in wooden doors, Iron doors, stainless steel doors, aluminum alloy doors, and safety doors for various special purposes.
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