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Jiangsu Elite Lock Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Elite Lock Co.,Ltd. is a professional China Lock Spring Fittings Manufacturers and Lock Cylinder Accessories Suppliers. The factory has more than 20 years of production experience. The product has obtained the EU CE certification and passed the EN 1303:2015 test. At present, the products are mainly supplied to Yale Company and ASSA ABLOY Company.
The main products are more than 100 kinds of mortise door lock bodies of various specifications, dozens of special door locks, dozens of various lock cylinders, various stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and zinc alloy handles, which are widely used in wooden doors, Iron doors, stainless steel doors, aluminum alloy doors, and safety doors for various special purposes.
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What are the Springlock sizes?

Springlock is a type of quick-release pin that is used to secure two objects together. The size of a Springlock pin is determined by its diameter and length. Springlock pins are typically available in standard sizes ranging from 1/4 inch to 1 inch in diameter and 1 inch to 4 inches in length.
Here are some of the common Springlock sizes and their dimensions:
    1/4 inch diameter with 1 inch length
    5/16 inch diameter with 1-1/4 inch length
    3/8 inch diameter with 1-1/2 inch length
    7/16 inch diameter with 1-3/4 inch length
    1/2 inch diameter with 2 inch length
    9/16 inch diameter with 2-1/4 inch length
    5/8 inch diameter with 2-1/2 inch length
    3/4 inch diameter with 3 inch length
    7/8 inch diameter with 3-1/2 inch length
    1 inch diameter with 4 inch length
It's important to note that Springlock sizes may vary slightly between manufacturers, and it's always best to consult the manufacturer's specifications to ensure you have the correct size for your application.

What is a lock spring?

A lock spring is a type of spring that is used in mechanical devices to provide locking or latching functionality. Lock springs are typically made from high-quality steel and are designed to be durable and long-lasting.
Lock springs are used in a variety of applications, including:
 Locks and latches: Lock springs are used to keep locks and latches securely closed. They are commonly found in door locks, window locks, cabinet locks, and other types of locking mechanisms.
 Automotive parts: Lock springs are used in automotive parts such as brake calipers, where they help to keep the brake pads in place.
 Firearms: Lock springs are used in firearms to keep the firing pin in place until the trigger is pulled.
 Industrial machinery: Lock springs are used in industrial machinery to keep parts securely in place during operation.
Lock springs come in various sizes and shapes, depending on their specific application. Some common types of lock springs include compression springs, torsion springs, and extension springs.

How do spring loaded locks work?

Spring-loaded locks work by using a spring to keep a locking mechanism in place. When the lock is engaged, the spring compresses and creates tension, which keeps the locking mechanism in place. When the lock is disengaged, the spring expands and releases the tension, allowing the locking mechanism to be moved.
Here is a general overview of how a spring-loaded lock works:
    Locking mechanism: The locking mechanism is a part of the lock that prevents it from opening. This can be a bolt, latch, or other component that fits into a hole or slot in the door frame or other object.
    Spring: The spring is a coiled piece of metal that provides tension to the locking mechanism. It is typically located inside the lock mechanism itself.
    Locking and unlocking: When the lock is engaged, the locking mechanism is in place, and the spring is compressed. This creates tension that holds the locking mechanism in place. To unlock the lock, the key or other mechanism is used to move the locking mechanism, which releases the tension on the spring and allows it to expand. This allows the locking mechanism to move freely, and the lock can be opened.
Spring-loaded locks can be found in many different applications, such as door locks, window locks, cabinet locks, and padlocks. The specific design of the lock may vary depending on the application, but the basic principles of how a spring-loaded lock works remain the same.