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Jiangsu Elite Lock Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Elite Lock Co.,Ltd. is a professional China Zinc Alloy Matching Lock Body Manufacturers and Copper Style Lock Body Suppliers. The factory has more than 20 years of production experience. The product has obtained the EU CE certification and passed the EN 1303:2015 test. At present, the products are mainly supplied to Yale Company and ASSA ABLOY Company.
The main products are more than 100 kinds of mortise door lock bodies of various specifications, dozens of special door locks, dozens of various lock cylinders, various stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and zinc alloy handles, which are widely used in wooden doors, Iron doors, stainless steel doors, aluminum alloy doors, and safety doors for various special purposes.
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What is a mortise lock body?

A mortise lock body is a type of lock mechanism that is typically installed inside a door, allowing it to be secured with a key. It consists of a rectangular metal case that is inserted into a mortise, or cavity, cut into the edge of the door.
The lock body contains several components, including a latch or bolt that extends from the lock case and engages with a strike plate on the door frame, as well as a locking mechanism that is typically operated by a key. The lock body may also include other features, such as a thumbturn or a cylinder that allows the lock to be operated from the inside or outside of the door.
Mortise lock bodies are often used in commercial or high-security applications, as they are generally more durable and secure than other types of locks. They can be fitted with a variety of different types of cylinders and keys, depending on the specific needs of the installation. When installed correctly, a mortise lock body can provide excellent security and protection for the property behind the door.

What is the latch on a door called?

The latch on a door is called a door latch or simply a latch. It is a type of mechanical fastener that is used to keep a door closed and secure.
The latch typically consists of a rectangular metal plate that is attached to the edge of the door, as well as a spring-loaded mechanism inside the door that engages with the plate when the door is closed. The mechanism is usually operated by a handle or knob on the door, which can be turned to retract the latch and allow the door to open.
There are different types of latches available for doors, including cylindrical latches, deadlatches, and mortise latches, among others. The specific type of latch used on a door depends on the type of lock mechanism and the style of the door.

What are the parts of a latch called?

The main parts of a latch include the following:
Latch bolt: This is the spring-loaded bolt that extends from the door into the strike plate on the door frame to secure the door.
Faceplate: This is the metal plate that is attached to the edge of the door, and through which the latch bolt extends.
Strike plate: This is the metal plate that is attached to the door frame, and which has a hole that aligns with the latch bolt when the door is closed.
Deadlatch mechanism (in the case of a deadlatch): This is an additional mechanism that engages the latch bolt to prevent it from being retracted by credit card or other similar means.
Thumbturn or knob: This is the part of the latch that is turned or pressed to retract the latch bolt and open the door. It can be on either or both sides of the door, depending on the specific latch and lock mechanism.
Other parts may be present in different types of latches, such as the mechanism that operates the latch bolt, the spring that keeps the bolt in place, or the housing that surrounds the latch bolt.