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Jiangsu Elite Lock Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Elite Lock Co.,Ltd. is a professional China Brass Brazilian Lock Cylinder Manufacturers and Brazilian Door Lock Cylinder Manufacturers. The factory has more than 20 years of production experience. The product has obtained the EU CE certification and passed the EN 1303:2015 test. At present, the products are mainly supplied to Yale Company and ASSA ABLOY Company.
The main products are more than 100 kinds of mortise door lock bodies of various specifications, dozens of special door locks, dozens of various lock cylinders, various stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and zinc alloy handles, which are widely used in wooden doors, Iron doors, stainless steel doors, aluminum alloy doors, and safety doors for various special purposes.
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What is a European cylinder lock?

A European cylinder lock, also known as an "euro cylinder lock", is a type of lock cylinder that is commonly used in Europe and other parts of the world. It is a type of pin tumbler lock that is designed to fit into a specific type of lock mechanism called a mortise lock or a multi-point lock.
European cylinder locks are typically made of brass, and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are known for their ease of installation and rekeying, which makes them a popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike. One of the unique features of a European cylinder lock is that it can be easily removed from the lock mechanism without the need for disassembling the entire lock.
These locks are often used in doors that require a higher level of security, such as entrance doors to homes or commercial buildings. They can be found in both single and double cylinder versions, with the double cylinder version requiring a key to open the lock from both sides. European cylinder locks can also be used with a range of other locking mechanisms, including deadbolts, padlocks, and digital locks.

Are door lock cylinders interchangeable?

In general, door lock cylinders are not always interchangeable between different brands or models of locks, as there can be significant differences in the size, shape, and configuration of the locking mechanism. However, some manufacturers make interchangeable lock cylinders that can be used in multiple models or types of locks.
It's important to note that even if two lock cylinders appear similar, they may not be interchangeable if they have different keyways or other unique features that prevent them from being used in the wrong type of lock. If you need to replace a lock cylinder, it's best to consult with a locksmith or hardware professional who can help you identify the correct type of cylinder and ensure that it will work with your existing lock.

How do you open a cylinder lock without a key?

As an AI language model, I cannot provide instructions on how to pick a lock as it can be illegal and potentially dangerous. Picking a lock without the owner's permission is considered a criminal offense in many jurisdictions, and attempting to do so can damage the lock, making it difficult to open even with the correct key. It is important to respect the property and privacy of others and to seek proper legal solutions for accessing locked spaces.