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Lock fitting springs

"The lock body spring is an indispensable force-conducting elastic part in the lock body products, there are extension springs, torsion springs, compression springs, steel springs, tower springs, etc. It carries the life of the lock body products and the role of each component. It can be called the heart of the lock.
The spring helps to keep the tension on the lock body, which allows the parts of the lock to move properly. When the cylinder is rotated, the spring compresses and expands slightly to open and close the lock.
Body springs can be found in a variety of different types of locks, including door and cabinet locks. They are usually made of spring steel or similar materials and can withstand repeated compression and release without losing strength.
If a lock spring is damaged or worn, it may cause the lock to malfunction or become easier to pick. In some cases, the spring can be replaced, but this depends on the specific type of lock and the availability of replacement parts.
In summary, the lock spring is a small but important component in many locks. The strength of its elasticity and the choice of material are key factors and extremely stringent requirements for the overall experience and longevity of the lock"
Jiangsu Elite Lock Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Elite Lock Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of copper lock cylinders for Lock fitting springs. The factory has more than 20 years of production experience. The product has obtained the EU CE certification and passed the EN 1303:2015 test. At present, the products are mainly supplied to Yale Company and ASSA ABLOY Company.
The main products are more than 100 kinds of mortise door lock bodies of various specifications, dozens of special door locks, dozens of various lock cylinders, various stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and zinc alloy handles, which are widely used in wooden doors, Iron doors, stainless steel doors, aluminum alloy doors, and safety doors for various special purposes.
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