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Cylinder Door Lock Cylinders Being broken into can be an upsetting experience

06 Mar Industry News
Cylinder Door Lock Cylinders Being broken into can be an upsetting experience; getting your locks repaired as quickly as possible to ensure no one can enter without notice will bring peace of mind and prevent future intrusions. In this article, we'll go over the different cylinder types available so you can decide what ones would best fit your security requirements.
Pin tumbler cylinders are used in almost all multipoint locks and deadbolt locks, typically operating by having spring-held pins that line up with the ridges on the key, when turned, they lift to their shear lines (where inner ends and outer begins) allowing rotation and activation of the lock via tailpiece on end of the cylinder.
There are various variants of cylinders designed to fulfill specific functions. Rim cylinders, commonly seen in rim latch locks and mortise locks, can either be single- or double-sided; and euro profile cylinders used on sliding glass doors and room dividers typically come in three varieties - single (locking on one side), double with thumb turn, and dummy (no locking function but sometimes necessary to comply with fire code regulations).
Tubular key cylinders are another popular commercial application of the pin tumbler cylinder, often found in exit devices, jimmy proof deadbolts, and locks requiring extra security. These use similar pins as their counterparts but come equipped with special anti-drill features by having hardened pins installed before each pin chamber.
Other than their many functions, cylinders come in various styles and finishes to complement your hardware perfectly. Options range from satin chrome and bronze finishes, as well as specialty models like Mul-T-Lock Construction Master Cylinders and FleX Control Temporary Lockout Cylinders that may be useful depending on the situation.
Cylinders are an integral component of any door lock and you must select one suitable to your individual needs. There are several factors to keep in mind, including what type of lock you have installed as well as the level of security desired. Once you know exactly what it is you need, finding your ideal cylinder should be straightforward! Check out our extensive selection here or call or stop by our showroom if need be - our staff would be more than happy to assist with finding you exactly the cylinder for your purposes.